Tai Chi Instructors

Paul Blake, Taiji Instructor Paul began studying Taiji (Tai Chi) at Yang's in 1991 and, under the tutelage of Mr. Alex Kiesel, learned how to instruct and guide students. Paul deepened his understanding of Taiji through the study of Qigong, Pushing Hands, Qin Na, Sword, Saber, Staff and Martial Applications with Senior Instructor Jeffrey Pratt and Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming.

In 1998, Paul became certified by Dr. Yang to teach independently. While teaching here at Yang’s Andover, he continues to study and deepen his knowledge so that he may accurately pass on to his students the subtle and profound art of Classical Yang-style (楊氏) Taiji.

E-mail Paul Blake: YangsAndov@aol.com

Meg Holmes, Taiji Instructor Meg Holmes has had a lengthy career as a school librarian/teacher working with students from kindergarten through college. Her expertise as an educator has carried over to her career as a Taiji instructor. Meg considers herself to be a life-long learner and on a lifelong journey as a student of Taiji. 

Meg began studying Taiji in 1990 at Yang’s Andover under the tutelage of Alex Kiesel. She has been a student within the YMAA system ever since and has learned from instructors such as Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, Ramel Rones, and Jeff Pratt. Not only has Meg been trained in the Yang-style Classical Long Form of Taiji, but she also has received training in the Simplified 24 Short Form; Pushing Hands; Solo Saber and Sword forms; and Two Person Fighting Set. She has participated in several courses and workshops on Qigong taught by Dr. Yang and Master Liang Shou-Yu including the Soft White Crane, Eight Pieces of Brocade and Five Animal Sports.

In addition, Meg has been trained by Dr. Fuzhong Li, the lead researcher in the Oregon Research Institute's study entitled TaijiQuan: Moving for Better Balance, to teach that protocol. This program is recognized by the CDC as an evidence-based study demonstrating participants can reduce their risk of falling by up to 50%. 
Meg is a Level 3 Taiji Instructor certified by the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association. 

E-mail Meg Holmes: YangsAndov@aol.com