Group Fitness Schedule

Updated: 9/13/20 

Virtual Facebook & Zoom Offerings This Week

Facebook LIVE classes are available to active gym members with class memberships 
and to virtual membership subscribers at:
"Yang's Virtual Studio" Private Facebook page  
A Facebook account is needed to access this private page.  

 Facebook LIVE Classes Monday, Sept. 14 thru Saturday, Sept. 19
Facebook Live classes indicated with an asterisk (*) can accommodate six in-person attendees.  
Members with a WellnessLiving or Yang's App login can register online or email Diana.

~ Monday, 9:00 am Metabolic Conditioning with Danielle (30-minutes)
~ Monday, 9:30 am Yoga Express with Danielle (30-minutes)

~ Tuesday, 8:30 am Muscle & Cardio Intervals with Susan (45-minutes) 

~ Wednesday, 9:30 am Metabolic Training with Tracy (30-minutes)
~ Wednesday, 10:00 am Dynamic Stretch with Tracy (30-minutes)

~ Thursday, 9:00 am LIIT with Tracy (45-minutes)

~* Friday, 9:30 am Intro. To Dance with Lourdes (15-minutes)
~* Friday, 9:45 am Dance Fitness with Lourdes (45-minutes)

~ *Saturday, 8:30 am Let's Lift  with Diana (50-minutes)
*Saturday, 9:30 am Yoga with Diana (50-minutes)

To JOIN the Facebook LIVE classes above:  Click Here

To access PREVIOUS Facebook Live Classes (prior to July 20) for REPLAY:  Click Here

For directions on how to access previous Facebook Live Classes/Broadcasts, click here (PDF)

Yoga with Geeta via Zoom

~ Tuesday, 9:30 am (60-minutes)
~ Wednesday & Friday, 9:00 am (60-minutes)
~ Sunday, 9:30 am (75-minutes)

 Yoga with Anu via Zoom

~  Mondays, 9:00 am 
~ Thursdays, 9:00 am (60-minutes)

Yang's members and virtual members may obtain a meeting link to Geeta and Anu's classes by emailing:

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