Updated 8/18/17
Arriving soon ... new equipment!

We are investing in new:
~ Recumbent and Upright Bike ~

~ Airdyne Bike ~

~ Hammer Strength Half Racks with Rubber plates ~

 ~ Abductor / Adductor & Leg Extension / Leg Curl Machines ~

~ More Kettlebells, Soft Toss Medicine Balls, SuperBands ~

~ Foam Plyo Boxes ~ 

and more!

Our upgrades continue as we bring you a new and improved Yang's Fitness & Training Center!  

Have you wondered if you are doing an exercise correctly (either in the gym or a class) but you have never asked?
Here's your chance!  

For the month of August, 10-minute "Ask The Coach" sessions will be complimentary to all gym members and a sign-up sheet is available at the front desk.

So come prepared with that burning question! 

Sessions are available THIS week! 

Another exciting addition has arrived!

Big screen monitoring for MyZone on the main Gym Floor ~ and ~ it's coming to our Spinning Room very soon!

MYZONE is a new innovative heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately 
and conveniently monitor physical activity. 

It monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising that convert into MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness.  

Myzone MZ3 Belts/Transmitters can be ordered through the link below at a special Yang's Member savings of $50 or purchased at the gym.

Click here to order!

Our big screen TV has been installed & MyZone has been activated.  Now ... all you need to do is to wear
your MyZone Physical Fitness Belt and see the results happen!

Watch video for more about MyZone

We can't thank our members enough for their patience and support as we 
enter another decade as Yang's Fitness & Training Center!  
Arriving in a few weeks, more new equipment 
including new recumbent and upright bikes, an Airdyne bike, new ab/adductor & leg extension/curl
machines, half racks and rubber plates, more kettlebells, padded plyo boxes and more!

Come check out our TRX Multi-Mount Monkey Bars and Slam Wall!  

Click here for the latest openings! 

Interested in training with one of our coaches?  

Get in on the action! Coming soon more Small Group (max. 4 people) and Team Training (groups of 6 & up) 
will be offered soon.

Stay tuned for news about some Fundraising Team Training Sessions coming soon to benefit 
Run for the Troops 5k, Step-Up for Colleen and the Krit Classic 9.

Interested? Call 978.475.2020 and ask for Diana.